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Ahead of the game: football fans find innovative solutions for front row seats

This has been an exciting season for club football around the globe, with several rising stars demonstrating their value to their national teams ahead of the most exciting football event this year. Twenty-two-year-old midfielder Phil Foden scored a hat trick to beat superstar Lionel Messi’s record of 50 goals at that age. Nineteen-year-old Pedri has been compared to legendary midfielder Andrés Iniesta by multiple commentators for his performance.

All season, club fans have rooted for talents like Foden and Pedri from the stands. Now, these prodigies are heading abroad to represent their respective countries at the world’s most renowned international football tournament beginning on November 20th. Most of their fans, however, will stay behind to watch from home.

How can these dedicated supporters continue to feel a part of the excitement when they’re on the other side of the world?

Contemporary home theatre meets world-class football

Increasingly, tech-savvy football fans are answering this question by turning to state-of-the-art home theatres that evoke the experience of being in a stadium. Thirty-two teams will compete in the international matches this year, which equates to a lot of games for die-hard fans to follow through to the much-anticipated final on 18 December. Superior sound and image clarity are top priorities for this demographic, as well as extra-large screens that feature hyper-realistic detail of the match action.

TCL, a leader in the electronics industry, is one company that has stepped in and invested heavily in meeting the unique audio-visual needs of this group of early adopters, creating premium televisions with a remarkable ability to capture detail, rapid movement, and vibrant color in unparalleled clarity. Systems like theirs will allow viewers at home to see every drop of sweat as their favorite teams battle it out on the field.

Football stars inspire greatness

Four prominent football players have come together to support TCL and its products including a groundbreaking XL Collection, a line of premium televisions primed to give football fans a fully immersive experience. Endorsing TCL and their common goal to “Inspire Greatness” for the games this year are not only the aforementioned Foden and Pedri playing for England and Spain respectively, but top-performing star Rodrygo, who will be playing for Brazil’s national team, and Raphaël Varane — an already titled defender — who is set to be part of the French national squad.

Each of these athletic talents will be showcasing their star quality on the pitch, though Varane is in a rush against the clock to rehabilitate from an injury. While Rodrygo and Brazil are currently ranked as the top team in the world, any one of these stars may emerge from the games victorious, with Pedri, Varane and Foden also playing for teams ranked among the top seven.

For the players, acting as brand ambassadors for TCL gives them a great opportunity to acknowledge not only the supporters inside the stadium, but the millions of fans watching them on TV around the globe. “I’m glad to have this possibility to associate myself with a brand like TCL, whose track record shows their dedication to providing top-quality experiences for our supporters,” said Varane. Foden echoed this sentiment, adding, “My passion for football comes from playing on the streets of Stockport with my mates and watching our idols on TV.”

Turning living rooms into home stadiums with Mini LED

According to consumer electronics media site CNET, “TVs get a bit better every year, and in 2022 the improvement with the biggest impact might be mini LED.” This development is great news for sports fans watching at home. With Mini LED, fast-moving images such as those in football have a perfect visual fluidity, without any image shaking or flickering. As one of the first company to debut Mini LED tech in its products, TCL racked up four 2022-2023 Expert Imaging and Sound Association Awards for its XL Collection, including the Premium Mini LED TV Award and Best Buy TV and Soundbar Awards for their exceptional price-to-quality ratio in image and sound.

Perhaps the biggest game changer for sports fans is the appearance of the largest television in the world with Mini LED technology, the TCL 98C735K, which brings immersive viewing to a whole new level with its massive 98-inch (249 cm) screen. Its responsive motion clarity ensures a spectacular viewing experience for fans of fast-moving sports like football. And fans can stream and watch all the prerecorded matches they want before the final game of this year’s global competition on these fully-equipped Smart TVs.

Statistically, football is the most watched sport on the planet, with billions tuning in for the excitement this year. With the help of the most recent advancements in audio visual technology, savvy football fans will feel like they’re right there in the crowd.



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