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Good News | From carts to maglevs: the dramatic evolution of transport

Contrary to what the naysayers and pessimists argue, we’ve made huge strides toward a better world. In fact, across many of the most important indicators that define our well-being, humanity is faring much better than ever before.

Child mortality, famine and poverty are at all-time lows, life expectancy is at an all-time high, work-life balance is much better than it used to be, literacy rates have dramatically improved and the internet has played a major role in global education.

Another important measure of progress is transport. And this week, the Good News round-up is back with a historical review of the evolution of the transport industry.

The history of mobility is a story of the evolution of technology, from walking to riding – and being pulled by – animals, then to cable cars, steam-powered trains, electric trams, motor buses, underground systems, bullet trains, electric vehicles, self-driving electric vehicles and drones to the transport of the near future: flying ferries, supersonic planes and hyperloop trains.

Click the video player above and watch and learn how far we’ve come.

The future looks clean, with cars powered by the sun; fast, with maglevs, powered by electricity, probably nuclear; green, with supersonic and carbon-free planes, and noiseless, with hyperloop pods that will one day silently whisk you from Berlin to Paris in an hour.

And remember, it can be hard to find among the headlines, some news can be Good News.



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