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Ex-Mavs HC Rick Carlisle: NBA did right thing to rescind Luka’s 16th tech –

Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

Despite their marred relationship that led to a split up last 2021, ex-Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle appears still supportive for Luka Doncic.

Carlisle, now head coach of the Indiana Pacers, believes that it is only rightful for the league to rescind Doncic’s 16th technical foul.

“Like a lot of great players, he gets hit on virtually every play,” Carlisle said before the Mavs’ 127-104 win over the Pacers on Monday. “I’ve seen it close up.

“As a coach, I’m leading the league in technical fouls for coaches (11). I emphasize with disagreements with officials. Sometimes it gets emotional, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised it was rescinded.”

Doncic clinched his 16th technical last Sunday in a loss against the Charlotte Hornets, as he went on to complain for a no-call in his shot attempt.

Eventually on Monday, it was rescinded by the league, allowing the superstar to evade a one-game suspension by the league.

“I didn’t really get a very close study on what happened,” Carlisle said of the incident. “At that point, unless it’s something really over the top, with what everybody is competing for you can’t have a guy lose a game.”



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