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Jayson Tatum expands on Jaylen Brown trade rumors –


Last month rumors came out suggesting that the Celtics offered Jaylen Brown in a trade package for Kevin Durant. The 25-year-old shooting guard, along with Jayson Tatum, are cornerstones of Boston.

Inevitably, the rumors reached Tatum who dismissed them as noise. In a recent interview he expanded more, saying that there is plenty of information out there that is not truth.

“That’s the world we live in,” Tatum said on Celtics Lab Podcast. “It always comes from an anonymous source, but it always makes ESPN or Twitter, or whatever and everybody sees it. So you never know what’s true and what’s not true.

“It gets people to talk about it and I guess that’s the idea. They got what they wanted out of the deal – for people to talk about it and make speculations, this, that and the third.

“If you pay attention to everything you see on Twitter or TV, you drive yourself crazy. I think that’s just something that you have to learn. Just keep your own sanity, your own peace.

“They’ll literally say anything some of it might be true and then those other things couldn’t be further from the truth. The average fan at home doesn’t know the difference and they just might believe whatever they see.

“It doesn’t help that people go on sports talk shows talk about it every day. We don’t know who said it. Control what you can control. That’s what I always live by.”



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