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Kevin Durant on Ben Simmons telling him ‘Dunk the f*cking ball!’ –

Photo: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

Ben Simmons appears to have a different mindset this season. His superstar teammate Kevin Durant recalled a moment by the point guard that stood out for him.

It was a play in which KD made a back door cut to the basket and got a pass from Simmons, but instead of dunking the two-time NBA champion kicked the ball out to Joe Harris who missed a three-pointer.

“Joe missed the shot and I look up and Ben was like ‘Dunk the f***ing ball!’” Durant recalled. “That’s the type of sh*t I like though. You’re into the game, you’re seeing it. Once you’re into it mentally and emotionally like that, then I know you’re ready to play.”

This season Simmons is averaging 8.6 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6.1 assists in 28.4 minutes per game for the Nets.



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